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Fluid Focus have designed, manufactured, and tested four different specialized polyurethane bump stops, allowing for use on most mountain bike shock systems. The specialized polyurethane formulations and advanced material R&D, coupled with the applications knowledge and suspension expertise at Fluid Focus, has resulted in the most advanced bump stops on the market. These components protect the rider, shocks, and the bike as a whole.


Design Features

  • Tapered designs

  • Oil & grease resistant

  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Superior rider protection

  • Support for heavier riders

  • 35 & 45 durometer options

  • Built for air and coil shocks

  • Customized designs available

  • 4 standard bump stop cavity sizes

  • High-performance polyurethane (PU)

  • Support of all major mountain bike shock brands and OEMs